Is Random Acts Of Violence the next indie comic movie hit?

Tropic Thunder actor Jay Baruchel is adapting the horror comic hit for the big screen

Actor Jay Baruchel, best known for frat-humour seat-fillers like Knocked Up, Million Dollar Baby and Tropic Thunder, has turned writer, working with Jesse Chabot to adapt indie horror comic Random Acts Of Violence for the cinema.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, Random Acts Of Violence was released as a 72-page graphic novel by Kickstart Comics in 2010, and later picked up by comic-book powerhouse Image.

Random Acts Of Violence tells the story of two horror writers who are being stalked by their own creation, Slasherman. Armed with the genre-aware irony of Scream and penned by an established comedy talent, this could turn out to be a surprise, left field hit – much like Cowboys & Aliens, Scott Pilgrim or any of the other adaptations sourced from outside of superhero territory.