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Republican “bully” apologises to Neil Gaiman

Matt Dean remains critical of the payment of public funds to the Sandman author

In this week’s oddest story so far, a Republican attack on arts funding in Minnesota ensnared bestselling author Neil Gaiman, who was called a “pencil necked weasel” by Republican House Majority Leader Matt Dean. Gaiman responded on Twitter and in his blog, decrying the “grownup high school bully.”

Dean has maintained his original criticism about the use of public money to pay for Gaiman’s $45,000 talk, but has backed down over the way he said it, saying, “My mom is staying with us right now. My wife’s out of town, and she was very angry this morning and always taught me to not be a name caller. And I shouldn’t have done it, and I apologise.”

Whatever happens, we got a comic out of it.