Brian Henson: Earth To Ned TV

Brian Henson: Earth To Ned

Exclusive: Brian Henson talks Earth to Ned and the difficulties of creating an improv-heavy alien talk show…

Flashback: Dark Shadows TV

Flashback: Dark Shadows

Supernatural gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows, was a massive hit in the late sixties and early seventies, spanning over one thousand episodes and spawning two feature film spin-offs. We have since seen both a TV and cinematic remake, and the show continues in audio drama from Big Finish and in original novels. SciFiNow revisits that creepy Collinwood Clan…

Adler: Interview and competition Books

Adler: Interview and competition

We speak to Adler artist Paul McCaffrey PLUS we’re giving away a copy of the genre-twisting comic book with our latest competition!

Flashback: The Birds DVD & Blu-Ray

Flashback: The Birds

Not only was The Birds Alfred Hitchcock’s penultimate masterpiece, but it became one of the most influential horror movies of all time. We spoke to original star and subsequent genre icon Veronica Cartwright about working on the classic production with the master of suspense…

Flashback: Justice League Animated Comics

Flashback: Justice League Animated

Back in 2013 we looked DC’s fan-favourite Justice League Animated Universe, which has endeared and endured through five series and countless spin-offs…