Halloween Kills: Haddonfield’s Revenge Cinema

Halloween Kills: Haddonfield’s Revenge

We speak to Anthony Michael Hall and Kyle Richards who play grown-up Tommy and Lindsey – the two youngsters Laurie Strode babysits on that fateful Halloween night in 1978 – about the legacy of Michael Myers and servicing the franchise for Halloween Kills.

Black Widow: Family matters TV

Black Widow: Family matters

We exclusively speak to Black Widow director Cate Shortland about undertaking the epic task of creating a final farewell for one of the MCU’s most beloved characters…

Black As Night: Biting social commentary TV

Black As Night: Biting social commentary

As part of Welcome To The Blumhouse, Black As Night focusses on a marginalised community in New Orleans who are the victims of a group of merciless vampires. We spoke to the film’s writer Sherman Payne and director Maritte Lee Go about creating a vampire movie you may not have seen before…