Alan Moore is up to something

From Hell, Watchmen and V For Vendetta author teases fans with multimedia project

At the debut live show for Alan Moore’s oddball fanzine Dodgem Logic, the former comic-book legend was asked if would be interested in writing a videogame, to which he replied, ripe with possibility:

“What I thought was wouldn’t it be funny if I came up with an idea that was like brilliant – and had all these other ideas, kind of, embedded in it….

“Hey this is the 21st century people want to expand everything into multiple platforms, into games and all sorts of things, so what if I embraced that, what if I came up with a concept that could spin out into all sorts of things that I believe, in the way that I wanted to… That would be quite diabolical, couldn’t it?

“All part of some kind of mega project which you really will have to wait to hear the rest of. But yeah, there’s possibily going to be some suprising stuff happening in the next twelve months. ”

“But that’s as much as I can say. You didn’t hear it from me.”