The Lazarus Project S2: New trailer for time-travel series

The Lazarus Project S2: New trailer for time-travel series

The universe is at risk in the second season of Sky’s time-loop drama The Lazarus Project. Watch the new trailer…

Team Lazarus are stuck in an infinite three-week time-loop for Season Two of Sky’s sci-fi series The Lazarus Project, which will be out next month.

Check out the brand new trailer here…

In The Lazarus Project S2, the world locks into a never-ending time loop that will ultimately end with the planet’s complete extinction, which means the Lazarus team must race against time to find a solution before humanity is wiped out forever. Among their number is resolute Lazarus agent, George, who’s been left in disgrace after betraying the organisation in the name of love.

George is determined to redeem himself and win back the trust of his friends, colleagues, and the love of his life. But when he discovers that the cause he’s fighting is more sinister than it appears, George begins to suspect that the only person he can really trust is himself.

Created and written by Joe Barton, the eight-part series stars Pappa Essiedu (I May Destroy You), Anjli Mohindra (The Sarah Jane Adventures), Charly Clive (All My Friends Hate Me), Vinette Robinson (Code 404), Rudi Dharmalingam (Wakefield), Caroline Quentin (Dickensian) and Tom Burke (The Wonder) all reprising their roles.

Also joining the cast in the upcoming second series are Royce Pierreson (The Witcher), Colin Salmon (Resident Evil, Limitless), Safia Oakley-Green (Extraordinary), Lorne MacFayden (Vigil), Zoe Telford (Genius), Sam Troughton (The Ritual) and James Atherton (Hollyoaks).

The Lazarus Project S2 will be available on Sky Max and streaming service NOW on 15 November.

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