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Top 10 best Final Girls in horror movies

Halloween, Hellraiser, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream and more in horror’s 10 most iconic Last Girls ever

These girls have seen horrors rated 18-certficate and managed to escape with their life, though not always with their mind. Here are 10 of the most memorable survivors in particular order…

1. Laurie Strode
Played by:
Jamie Lee Curtis
From: Halloween

The 17-year-old Laurie is taking the final girl option to spend Halloween babysitting instead of using it as an excuse to get drunk whilst wearing a cat costume. An escaped mental patient, Michael Myers, is killing the neighbours but Laurie’s got a knitting needle and a hanger to hand.

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2. Francine
Played by:
Gaylen Ross
From: Dawn Of The Dead

Francine is four months pregnant and determined to survive in a shopping mall in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. She learns how to fire a gun and fly a helicopter; out-living most of her companions and manages to escape with those excellent survival skills.

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3. Sally Hardesty
Played by:
Marilyn Burns 
From: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This final girl ran for all she was worth, escaping Leatherface and his crazy family and excusing herself from the world’s worst dinner party. She jumps through a window and is picked up by a passing truck, but unfortunately she’s gone completely insane.

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4. Nancy Thompson
Played by:
Heather Langenkamp
From: A Nightmare On Elm Street

Nancy is such a resourceful girl, rigging her house with booby traps to try and stop Freddy the child molester who can exist in the physical and dream worlds. She has the courage to turn her back on him, which defeats him… for this film at least.

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5. Sidney Prescott
Played by:
Neve Campbell
From: Scream

Campbell earned the title Scream Queen in the nineties for her portrayal of the tough young woman who survived four slasher flicks where the killer was specifically targeting her and her loved ones every time. Sidney even becomes famous survivor in the film’s world, publishing a self-help book.

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6. Alice Hardy
Played by:
Adrienne King
Friday The 13th

This series boasts a harem of final girls, but Alice was the one who started it all. She decapitates the murderous Mrs Voorhees turning her mentally unstable son Jason into the killer for eleven more movies. Alice does die in the sequel, though, which sparked a trend of final girls eventually copping it.

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7. Rachel
Played by:
Naomi Watts
The Ring

Rachel may be blonde – going against the stereotype – but she’s a mother who will do anything to protect her son from dying in seven days. Putting her journalistic investigative skills to good use, she is put through so much Japanese-inspired horror that when she finally finds a way to survive, you’re on her side.

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8. Julie James
Played by:
Jennifer Love Hewitt
I Know What You Did Last Summer

If your friend accidentally knocks down a man in the road, it’s best to do the moral thing and kick up a fuss about it. Julie did, and she survived for two movies’ worth of bloody kills and cheap thrills. It also helped her plight that she had low self-esteem and red hair.

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9. Suzy Bannion
Played by:
Jessica Harper
From: Suspiria

An American ballet student travels to Germany to study in a dance academy in the Black Forest, not knowing it is actually run by witches. Suzy’s friends are rapidly decreasing in number but when she finally faces off with an ancient witch, she’s ready to stab her enemy and save her life.

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10. Kirsty Cotton
Played by:
Ashley Laurence
From: Hellraiser

Kirsty manages to manipulate Pinhead, tricking him to his death by donning a disguise (see: resourcefulness) and eventually getting the Cenobites to exact revenge on her husband after sussing out his plans to kill her (see: intelligence). So after movies of battling monsters she too effectively becomes one.

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