The Fades Series 2 cancelled by BBC Three

Jack Thorne’s The Fades is axed in BBC cut backs in favour of Being Human Series 5 – which would you prefer to see?

The Fades series 2 cancelled

The Fades series 2 cancelled
Iain deCaesrecker in BBC Three's The Fades

BBC Three’s superbly spooky supernatural drama The Fades was clearly sowing the seeds for the long-term, Series 1 ending so apocalyptically with dark clouds gathering around Iain deCaestecker’s surviving Angelic and his friends, but we’ll never see it come to fruition.

Previously it was reported that due to cutbacks, either The Fades, Being Human or Lip Service would be axed, and true to their word, the BBC have comissioned Series 5 of Being Human, a second series of Lip Service and confirmed that The Fades, despite reasonable ratings on broadcast and iPlayer, as well as great reviews, is no more.

Which of SciFiNow’s two favourites British fantasy shows would you have preferred to see more from if it came down to it? Being Human or The Fades?

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