SciFiNow is now on Zinio, subscribe and save 25%

Imagine Publishing launch titles on Zinio, making SciFiNow available on Android, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Tablet S, HP WebOS devices and more

SciFiNow on Zinio, the world's largest newsstand

Imagine Publishing was the first on iPad and iPhone, and now the whole portfolio is available of Zinio – meaning you lucky lot can now get SciFiNow beamed directly to your iPad, iPhone, Android (Kobo, Kindle Fire and Nook), Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Tablet S, HP WebOS devices and Blackberry as well as Windows, Linux and Mac desktop platforms!

Buy the latest issue of SciFiNow on Zinio.
Buy a digital subscription to SciFiNow on Zinio and save 25%! 

“I am incredibly excited by the announcement of our portfolio’s launch on Zinio because I believe this is a perfect partnership,” said Mark Kendrick, Group Creative Director.

“Imagine prides itself on high-quality, collectable products and these coupled with the incredible reading environment created by Zinio across its many outlets means no matter where our readers are, and using whatever device, there’s an opportunity to purchase and enjoy a highly-crafted Imagine Publishing magazine or bookazine.”
Zinio’s International Managing Director Raul Suarez added: “Imagine is a company we hold in great respect and have long desired to work and so we incredibly pleased with today’s announcement. We hope to work together to build an incredibly close and successful partnership, and we believe Imagine’s readers now have a wider choice in how they want to interact with their favourite magazines.

“We believe this readership can grow exponentially.’