Spoiler: Supernatural – S05E10

We recap the midseason finale, Abandon All Hope.


Episode 10: Abandon All Hope
US Air Date:
19 November 2009
Ben Edlund
Phil Sgriccia
Guest stars: Mark Sheppard, Alona Tal, Samantha Ferris, Mark Pellegrino

Sam, Dean and Castiel track Crowley in one giant nod to Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, and are surprised when he gives them the Colt, claiming that he knows Lucifer will simply discard the demons once he’s done with humanity. Sam, Dean, Ellen, Joe and Castiel travel to Carthage, Missouri, where the whole town is filled with Reapers and empty of people. Lucifer, whose host is showing signs of falling apart, captures Castiel, and the group is chased into a hardware store by hellhounds commanded by Meg. Jo is mortally wounded, and eventually the group builds a bomb. Ellen and Jo set it off, killing the hellhounds and buying Sam and Dean time.

The brothers confront Lucifer as he is preparing a ritual to summon Death, having murdered the women and children in the town, and had the men possessed. Dean shoots him with the Colt, but he is healed, revealing he is one of the five things it can’t kill. Sam and Lucifer trade words, and Castiel manages to escape from his trap, spiriting the boys away as Lucifer kills all of the demons in the town and raises death.

At the end, Bobby, Sam and Dean watch a picture of the group (with Ellen and Jo) burn in a fire.