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Spoiler: Smallville – S09E09

A recap on the latest Smallville episode.

Picture 1Episode 10: Pandora
US Air Date: 20 November 2009
Writer: Andrew Landis, Julia Swift
Director: Morgan Beggs

Lois is unconscious and being tested on by Tess, who is trying to reclaim her lost memories. In a flashback Lois wakes up in a decimated Metropolis. Back in the present day Clark and Chloe try to contact Stuart to find out where Lois is. In another of her visions, Basquat takes Lois to Zod. Before Zod executes her, Clark is brought in and offers up his life in exchange; before a decision can be made, Oliver, Chloe and some soldiers storm the building, in the fracas Chloe kills Tess. Tess is shocked by this vision and before erasing Lois’s memories, Clark stops her. In another vision Clark, Lois, Chloe and Oliver realise they must destroy Zod’s tower. On the way to do this, Chloe is fatally wounded by a Kandorian, Alia, but with her special ring, Oliver declares they can alter time to save her. During a fight with Zod, Clark gets his powers back; this leads to Lois leaping back in time with Alia. Back in the present day, Clark assures everyone that this is the wrong version of what will happen.