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Spoiler: Heroes – S04E10

A rundown on this festive offering from the world of Heroes.

Picture 2Episode 10: Thanksgiving
US Air Date: 23 November 2009
Writer: Adam Armus, Kay Foster
Director: Seith Mann

It’s Thanksgiving on the show and all is glum. Hiro clashes with Samuel over Charlie’s whereabouts; Claire misses Gretchen; Noah is clueless on cooking techniques; and Peter ponders with Angela whether Nathan is really dead. Lydia realises that Samuel is using Hiro, so she convinces him to take her back in time, eight weeks before Joseph’s death. At the Petrellis’ dinner table Peter needs tough reassurance from Angela on Nathan’s credibility. Back in the past Lydia and Hiro witness Samuel killing Joseph; they return to the present day and Samuel twigs what they have been up to. At the Petrellis’, Nathan electrically transforms into Sylar; he holds Peter and Angela hostage but before causing any real damage, the inner Nathan fights back and soon enough Sylar loses his form. The meal ends with Claire sloping off with Gretchen, compass in hand on a mission of discovery. Back at the carnival things take a turn for the sinister as Damian erases Hiro’s memories.