Spoiler: Stargate Universe – S01E10

Get up to speed with SGU’s unforgettable mid-season cliffhanger.

Picture 2Episode 10: Justice
US Air Date: 04 December 2009
Writer: Alan McCullough
Director: William Waring

Becker finds Spencer dead in his quarters; it transpires that he had been shot in the head. Young assembles the crew in the Gate room and orders everyone to find Spencer’s missing firearm. Eli soon finds it stowed away in an air vent in Young’s room. Wray is now in charge of the investigation and a hearing is held. Meanwhile Franklin tests out the chair and is sent into a catatonic state. With the hearing ending up unresolved, life moves on and a crew, which includes Rush and Young, head to a planet. They find an alien craft and during their search of this vessel it turns out that Spencer did commit suicide, but Rush hid the gun in order to set up Young. This results in a fight between Young and Rush. With Rush left marooned on this baron planet, Young goes back aboard the Destiny and instructs Eli to destroy any evidence of Rush’s antics. The episode ends with Rush waking up.