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Scream 4 and 5 plot details released

Screenwriter Kevin Williamson talks about a new era in the slasher franchise.

dvd_15_nov_240484_2_Screenwriter Kevin Williamson has given a brief rundown on his story treatment for the upcoming Scream trilogy. Speaking to MTV he disclosed the following:

“The fourth one is an ensemble. It’ll take place right now, 10 years later, and it’s going to take place in Sidney’s hometown of Woodsboro,” says Williamson. “We’ll have our three main characters, and we’ll be introducing several more.”

This is all promising news; the introduction of fresh characters into the plot indicates that there might be some kind of franchise torch passing between returning regulars, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette and these new faces. Williamson went on to talk further about this group: “We’ll also be introducing a little group, a little ensemble of new cast members. That’ll take us through the next three.”

Williamson, a regular Twitter user, recently posted up a tweet that simply read: “Writing. Late night.” With Scream 4 and 5’s script duties resting with him, it seems there could be a fair few more sleepless nights in store. We’ll bring you more news on this project, including whether director Wes Craven will return, in the near future.

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