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Spoiler: Stargate Universe S01E06

We get up to date on last week’s SGU.

NUP_133849_0522Episode 06: Water
US Air Date: 30 October 2009
Writer: Carl Binder
Director: Will Waring

Rush and Wallace determine that something is siphoning their water supply, and Destiny pulls out of FTL near a frozen world that could potentially contain enough ice to keep them going. Young and Scott take the two working environment suits to find the resource, leaving TJ in charge. On the ship, the dust creature from Air is found to be responsible, and after it kills a corporal when threatened, plans are made to get it off. Greer fashions a flamethrower and manages to drive it into a compartment, but TJ decides that aggressive moves are the wrong approach, and instead tricks it into a water barrel so that it can be thrown off Destiny quickly. Scott falls down a crevasse during an earthquake on the planet, and is rescued just in time by Young for them to make it back. The dust creature is marooned on the ice world, and it has one last attempt to communicate before the ship leaves.