Hourman TV show also based on Dial H For Hero?

Arrow’s Hourman spin-off will take elements from DC Comics’ Dial H For Hero

Bobby Reed, the original star of DC Comics' Dial H For Hero
Bobby Reed, the original star of DC Comics’ Dial H For Hero

According to Bleeding Cool, who are boasting some top-notch insider knowledge from deep inside the Warner Bros’ fortress of solitude, The CW’s proposed Hourman TV series will be keeping the central device of a wonder-drug, Miraco, that bestows 60 minutes of superpowers, but will be mixing up the powers.

The site reports that it’ll be “a little Dial H For Hero and 100 Bullets, even a little Fantastic Four” as different people take a drug and become Hourman for perhaps an episode or arc at a time with different power sets.

Dial H For Hero first appeared in DC Comics’ House Of Mystery #156 (January 1966) as one character who could turn into different superheroes – usually original, rarely existing characters – using a mystical dial.

In the Eighties series – which seems an inspiration here – the dial would only work for an hour at a time

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