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Hannibal Season 3 makes best guest star a regular

Major Hannibal Season 3 spoilers as a recurring guest star’s new role is revealed

Gillian Anderson as Dr Bedelia Du Maurier in Hannibal
Gillian Anderson as Dr Bedelia Du Maurier in Hannibal

Everyone’s favourite Hannibal guest star Gillian Anderson has been made a regular for Hannibal Season Three.

IGN revealed that Anderson’s Dr Bedelia Du Maurier will be a big part of Hannibal Lecter’s journey in the third season and there are BIG SPOILERS AHEAD FOR SEASON 2 so be warned.

Following the shocking end of the blood-soaked second season finale, in which we see Dr Du Maurier sharing a glass of fizzy on a plane with the now on-the-run Lecter while everyone else lies bleeding either in Hannibal’s house or on his doorstep, this season will begin with a one-year time jump “following a fugitive Lecter and du Maurier in Europe in what creator Bryan Fuller described at Comic-Con as ‘a pilot for a new series starring Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson.'”

Word from Comic-Con was that Season Three will be incoporating a lot of elements from the book Hannibal, which finds Lecter in Florence under a new name. In case you forgot, according to this VERY SPOILERY TV Guide report from July, we can expect to see characters like Inspector Pazzi and Mason Verger’s manservant Cordell (which surely means Mason (Michael Pitt) and Margot (Katharine Isabelle) Verger’s return as well!), as well as Lady Murasaki (Hannibal’s aunt/lover/mentor from Hannibal Rising) and Red Dragon‘s big bad Francis Dolarhyde.

It’s also known that the FBI will play a much smaller role in Season Three, as the time-jump won’t be addressed State-side until episode four.

Hannibal Season Two saw the show reach new heights of beautiful Gothic excellence, and there’s every indication that Season Three will continue to excel. We’ve got our bibs ready.

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