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Friday The 13th reboot finds a new director

Jason’s return to the big screen takes another lumbering step forward

The saga of the Friday The 13th remake/reboot/new movie continues to trudge along, as it looks like a new director has been found.

Deadline reports that Breck Eisner is in talks to join Platinum Dunes’ latest effort to bring Jason Vorhees back from the depths of Crystal Lake.

The most encouraging part of this choice is that Eisner directed the actually-pretty-good remake of George A Romero’s The Crazies back in 2010, which starred Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell.

On the other hand, his non-horror efforts have been much more of a mixed bag. Although Sahara was more fun than anyone let on, his last big-screen effort was the disappointing Vin Diesel fantasy The Last Witch Hunter. So…

The film has been in development for what seems like forever. The excellent David Bruckner (V/H/S, The Signal, Southbound) was attached as for a long time, with Hannibal writer Nick Antosca working on the script. However, that take on the movie eventually fell apart.

It’s interesting that Platinum Dunes exec Brad Fuller has been so open about the various different directions that they’ve thought about taking the story in, and we know that, for the moment at least, the new film will feature Jason’s mother Pamela (played in the original film by Betsy Palmer) and his father Elias.

Paramount is obviously seriously committed to making this film work, and Deadline notes that Jason will likely slash his way back into cinemas next year. Which, incidentally, is when Michael Myers is due to make his comeback, not to mention the new Saw movie, which may or may not feature Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw. 2017 should be a big year for the bogeymen…

Friday The 13th will be released in 2017. Keep up with the latest horror news with the new issue of SciFiNow.