Bruckheimer, Straczynski on Shattered Union

Alternate history game set for the big screen.

1-250px-Shattered_UnionJerry Bruckheimer will oversee the film adaptation of the videogame Shattered Union, with Babylon 5 creator J Michael Straczynski writing the script. The film will be a Disney production, according to reports from Variety.

Shattered Union, released in 2005, followed the story of a fractured America after a nuclear bomb destroys Washington DC. As the title suggests, the Union splits into a number of different factions – the Confederacy, the California Collective, the Great Plains Federation, the New England Alliance, Pacifica and the Republic Of Texas, as well as a European Union peacekeeping force sent to reunify the nation and an invading Russian force that annexes Alaska.

There is currently no release date or casting news attached to the project. Bruckheimer’s latest film, Prince Of Persia, is released next year.