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Spoiler: Stargate Universe – S01E05

This latest SGU episode recapped.

Picture 2Episode 05: Light (Part Two)
US Air Date: 23 October 2009
Writer: Brad Wright
Director: Peter DeLuise

Young gathers the crew and tells them that Destiny is on a collision course with the sun. He admits that one of the three nearby planets may well be habitable, and that a lottery will take place to ascertain which 15 individuals will board the shuttle to avoid this fate. Young discloses that he will stay aboard. Rush later asks to be left out of the lottery as well. The list is drawn up and some main players are left out. As the moment of impact nears, the crew all huddle together and reminisce. Meanwhile the shuttle continues on its course. In a turnaround, Rush discovers that Destiny was meant to near the sun in order to replenish its energy sources. In a clever move the shuttle is able to return and dock with the newly saved Destiny. During all the celebrations, Young begins to suspect that Rush’s sacrifice wasn’t all that it seems, and it is revealed that he knew Destiny would be saved all along.