Blood Glacier 3D monster competition winner revealed

3D printers Modla explain how the winner of our Blood Glacier competition came to life

The winner of our incredible Blood Glacier competition to create a monster and have it brought to life through 3D printing is Kyle Fraser, with his Pegasus-inspired animal/human hybrid.

This nightmare was given form courtesy of Modla, who introduce themselves and describe the process:

“Modla is a design consultancy specialising in 3D printing and digital 3D fabrication. We work with businesses and individuals across a range of industries to guide through the design and manufacturing process involved in this revolutionary technology.

“This model was produced by first designing a digital version within specialist 3D software. Once this was complete, the file was sent to a 3D printer, where it was produced in a process known as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

“This process involves firing lasers into a tub of powder, bonding the particles layer by layer, until the final model is created. From here, it was then spray finished in a grey coat, before being hand painted to bring out all the detail.”


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