Scream TV series plot revealed, Wes Craven directs

Details emerge from the Scream TV series pilot as Wes Craven is reported to direct

Scream-4Details have emerged from the upcoming Scream TV series with exciting news for Wes Craven fans.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Craven will be directing the pilot for the MTV series, written by Jill Blotevogel, and has revealed a plot synopsis for the show.

According to the site, “the ‘rules’ of slasher movies is at the centre of this new series, as it has been for the franchise. The pilot explores a YouTube video that has gone viral and causes problems for the protagonist, Audrey, who is caught in the middle of murder and the town’s troubled past.”

It’s a bit of a relief to hear that Scream won’t be telling the Sidney Prescott story all over again. It remains to be seen how convincingly the show will portray a video going viral. Shooting gets underway in the summer.

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