Dune Messiah: The Folio Society edition of Frank Herbert second Dune novel

Dune Messiah: The Folio Society edition of Frank Herbert second Dune novel

Get lost in the sands of Arrakis once again in this stunning new Folio Society edition of Frank Herbert’s sequel, Dune Messiah.

If you’re a fan of Frank Herbert, the Dune books, or just loved the movie, then read on! The Folio Society has released a very special edition of Dune Messiah, part two of Herbert’s legendary sci-fi epic, first published back in 1965.

Set 12 years after the beginning of his rule as Emperor, Paul ‘Muad’Dib’ Atreides’ is now the most powerful emperor the universe has ever known, but he’s still powerless to stop the consequences of his victory over House Harkonnen. A religious juggernaut triggers a new galactic conflict and Paul must face betrayal from old alliances and even his own lover.

Paul is powerless to stop the destruction his victory has caused.

Get buried in the sands of Arrakis once again in Dune Messiah and lose yourself in the continuing saga with this new Folio Society edition, featuring some stunning artwork, this time from the award-winning (and Dune super-fan) illustrator and gallery artist, Hilary Clarcq.

Clarcq has blessed the book with seven unique illustrations, invoking the religious connotations of the book and creating looks for the now God-like Paul and the destruction he has caused. The edition also includes dedicated black-and-white chapter headings and there’s even a jaw-dropping, evocative double-page spread.


The new Folio Society of Dune Messiah includes a jaw-dropping double-page illustration from Hilary Clarcq.

For the true Herbert completionists, The Folio Society has included his ‘Death Cell Interview’ prologue, the dramatic recap of the first book, originally penned for the first UK edition, back in 1971.

The Folio Society’s edition of Dune: Messiah, illustrated by Hilary Clarcq, is exclusively available from foliosociety.com