The Buried Giant: New edition of Kazuo Ishiguro's fantasy

The Buried Giant: New edition of Kazuo Ishiguro’s fantasy

Get lost once again in Kazuo Ishiguro’s medieval dark fantasy, The Buried Giant in this new illustrated edition of the novel from The Folio Society.

The Folio Society has really gone all out for this all-new, illustrated edition, of Nobel Laureate Kazuo Ishiguro’s thoughtful fantasy, The Buried Giant.

Telling the story of an elderly couple, Axl and Beatrice, who embark on a journey to find their son in a fictional post-Arthurian Britain which is shrouded by a mysterious mist that erases memories, The Buried Giant is a challenging and mesmerising tale of love, memory and war.

Illustration by Jana Heidersdorf, from The Buried Giant, The Folio Society 2023

The novel has now been released for the first ever time in an illustrated edition with artwork by fantasy and horror illustrator, Jana Heidersdorf, which perfectly compliments the murky undertones of the story, invoking medieval imagery of knights and chilling magic.

Packed with six exquisite colour illustrations from Heidersdorf, four evocative black-and-white images and even a jaw-dropping double-page spread, Ishiguro’s story is given new life and new textures, with the book’s dark binding barely holding back the darkness inside.

This edition also features an introduction by writer and playwright Daniel Kehlman, who actually tells readers to skip his introduction as he says it’s a novel “best approached without any prior knowledge about its characters and storyline”! [But, take it from us, you’ll want to read Kehlman’s insightful thoughts on genre and Ishiguro’s writing].

Illustration by Jana Heidersdorf, from The Buried Giant, The Folio Society 2023

The Folio Society edition has even been given the seal of approval from Ishiguro who has said: “I’m really proud to see the novel going back out into the world in this gorgeous new incarnation.”

Well you can’t get a better recommendation than that!

The Folio Society’s edition of The Buried Giant, introduced by Daniel Kehlmann and illustrated by Jana Heidersdorf, is exclusively available from foliosociety.com