The Boys: Eric Kripke on Season Four: "It could be our best."

The Boys: Eric Kripke on Season Four: “It could be our best.”

The Boys S4 updates! It will take place a month after Gen V finale and will lead straight into Gen V Season Two.

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Hot off the heels of The Boys spin-off Gen V finishing (and being renewed for Season Two), two new posters for The Boys Season Four have been released and seem to show a triumphant Homelander and a downtrodden Billy Butcher.

Not only that but the official The Boys Twitter page and creator Eric Kripke have both given further insights into the upcoming series, which is due to be released on Prime Video in 2024.

“While ya wait for 2024, here’s what we can say about Season Four so far,” said the official The Boys Twitter account on the social media platform. “Timeline wise, it takes place about a month after the events of the Gen V finale. Butcher knows about the virus. Do with that lil piece of intel what ya will. Homelander will stand trial for lasering a Starlighter’s head off. Vought even made a hashtag for the occasion (#HomeFree). The events of Season Four will lead into Gen V Season 2.”

And finally, in true The Boys style, the announcement finished with: “Do you need to watch both shows to understand one or the other? No. Should you? Abso-fuckin-lutely.”

Not long after the announcement, The Boys creator Eric Kripke took to Twitter with an update of his own: “Here’s the update,” he Tweeted. “Editing: done. VFX: halfway done. Music & sound: quarter done. Now that the SAG strike is over (yay), the actors can record additional dialogue. No airdate yet, but will be worth the wait.

“It could be our best season. For sure our craziest.”

The Boys will be released on Prime Video in 2024