Fringe star Seth Gabel is Arrow’s Count Vertigo

Arrow’s season one big bad is revealed as Count Vertigo

Fringe actor Seth Gabel is joining Arrow as supervillain the “scary and nightmarish” Count Vertigo, according to TV Line. However, in keeping with the CW’s grounded superhero show, he won’t be the Vlatavan count from the DC Comics.

His powers of disorientation will be zapped and his eccentric name will be changed, but he will be peddling a new drug in Starling City called Vertigo. The introductory episode is slated to air early 2013.

Seth Gabel isn’t the only genre actor to join Arrow, as Farscape‘s Ben Browder will appear as Gaynor, a former US Marine introduced in Blackhawk #266. We’ll meet him in Episode 11, ‘Trust But Verify’, as an army colluege of John Diggle (David Ramsey) who drives a wedge between him and his boss/ally Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

Arrow is airing now on Sky 1 HD.