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Top 10 great ideas that came out of Star Wars

Check out these awesome inventions and doohickies that Star Wars inspired

1. R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

r2d2 pizza cutterEveryone has had that experience of buying a pizza that is badly cut, but the R2-D2 Pizza Cutter lets you slice through your Hawaiian like the rebels sliced up the Death Star.


2. Han Solo Bottle Opener

Han Solo bottle opener

Pizza and beer go together, making the bottle opener shaped like Han Solo after he was encased in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back a necessary companion to item.


3. BB-8 Interactive Talking Figure

bb8 interactive figure

This is more one for children, but a toy version of BB-8 that rolls along the floor speaking in squeaks and beeps will provide hours of amusement for the kids – and annoyance for you.


4. Star Wars Minimalist Posters

star wars minimalist posters

If you’re a new homeowner looking for inspirational, geeky decor ideas you might like to get your hands on some minimalist Star Wars posters, offering cool, stylish artwork of scenes from the films while avoiding tackiness.


5. Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitt

darth vader silicone oven mit

For Star Wars fan bakers this is an ideal item to have handy in the kitchen. You can use it to remove your masterpieces from the oven, or to throttle those who fail to carry out your orders.


6. Star Wars Games

star wars slots casino games

There are plenty of Star Wars gaming options out there for those who love the movies and gaming – including console ones such as Star Wars Battlefront for the PlayStation 4 and the Star Wars Slots online casino game. Simply find these on mobile sites such as mobilecasinoaustralia which hosts slots providers like Spin Palace.


7. Chess Set

star wars chess set

If you favour a more cerebral approach to Star Wars games, why not try the Star Wars chess set, which features the likes of Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader as figures in the game – although one of you will have to play as the Evil Empire.


8. Lightsaber Flatware Set

lightsaber flatware set

Another great Star Wars idea for culinary geniuses is this collection of silver cutlery shaped like the iconic lightsabers from the movie franchise. It certainly makes the washing up a bit more interesting.


9. Darth Vader Collector’s Edition Costume

star wars collectors edition costume

Perhaps the ultimate Star Wars gift, especially for those who love cosplay, is this complete Darth Vader outfit – which exactly replicates the one used in the films. At the very least, it will be a standout at Halloween.


10. Han Solo Crayons

han solo crayons

Another great idea for kids who are just discovering the Star Wars universe is this set of Han Solo crayons depicting the hero in his carbonite freeze. You can get them in blue, green, red, yellow and numerous other colours.

With The Force Awakens shattering box office records the Star Wars franchise is now a living breathing thing for a new generation, ensuring its future success.