Top 14 genre TV relationships we’re obsessed with

Join us and weep over these TV couples we can’t stop shipping

We loved them, we cheered for them, they had us weeping into our pillows as we swapped out the discs in the DVD player at 4 in the morning. Here are our top 14 (canon) sci-fi and fantasy TV couples that we will literally never stop thinking about…


Willow Rosenburg & Tara Maclay (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Both of Willow’s long-term romances on Buffy could easily have made this list, but truly it was her relationship with Tara that had cataclysmic repercussions on the show. Discovering each other and becoming each other’s everything, going down rocky paths, falling in love, breaking up, getting back together again only to have Joss Whedon cruelly rip our hearts from our chests and stamp on them brutally when Tara became the unintended target for Warren trying to kill Buffy… We were not okay with it then and we’re still not over it now. JN


Lito Rodriguez & Hernando (Sense8)

Nomi and Amanita may be Sense8’s most perfect, most romantic couple, but Lito and Hernando are by far the one we’re most obsessed with. It was practically love at first sight. Their first date to the Anahuacalli Museum ended with both a quick romp in the men’s room and the feeling that they would be together forever. As a closeted Mexican action star, Lito was adamant about keeping his relationship a secret, but at what cost? In the immortal words of Hernando, love, like art, must always be free. PJP


Fred Burkle & Wesley Wyndham-Pryce (Angel)

Was there ever a more heart-breaking end to a relationship in the history of television? We think not. Over the four seasons that Fred was in our lives, she not only melted our hearts but the hearts of both Gunn and Wes too. They took their time about it but once they’d finally seen the light and were about to walk off into the sunset, the evil Knoxx had her contaminated by old-god-dust and sweet Fred became a shell for Illyria. We will never get over ‘A Hole In The World’ or the way she turned back into Fred to bid a dying Wesley goodbye. *sob* JN


Cosima Niehaus & Delphine Cormier (Orphan Black)

From the very first moment they met, Cosima and Delphine have continued to cause us to forget about all the clone drama going on in favour of staring at them and their gorgeous relationship with little cartoon love hearts in our eyes. But with Cosima’s tendency to contract serious illnesses and Delphine’s life currently in the balance after being shot during Orphan Black‘s Season 3 finale, this could well almost be the end for them. We just want them to make crazy science forever. Je t’aime. PJP


Patty Spivot & Barry Allen* (The Flash)

Their relationship is still only really in its beginning stages, but already we have fallen in love with their adorkable ways. If Felicity Smoak was perfectly perfect for Barry, then Patty is Felicity Mark II. From blind!Barry bumbling his way through their first date to declaring he was going after what makes him happy (her!), we have fallen hook, line and sinker. Patty’s a clever cookie, it can’t be too long before she figures out that Barry is The Flash! JN

*based on episodes aired in the UK


Chuck Bartowski & Sarah Walker (Chuck)

Chuck and Sarah were the ship that started boarding within the first episode of Chuck’s five-season run, but it took a while for it to actually set sail. The constant ‘will they/won’t they’ state of their relationship would have been annoying if it weren’t so freaking cute. Their undercover-spy-lovers status generated much pining, jealousy and stolen glances across the Buy More’s sales floor, but the moment they first kissed for real in front of Bryce Larkin’s cryogenic tomb that they thought was a bomb that was about to go off was the moment we finally knew they were well and truly gone on each other. PJP


Xena & Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess)

Move over gentlemen, sorry Herc, sorry Joxor, there is simply no room for you here. Xena: Warrior Princess was always a show driven by its strong ladies, that they even ended up together. In fact, they did everything together. They travelled together, they bathed together, they even slept next to/with each other on a regular basis. They were the original couple you wanted to be together without realising you wanted it all along. Even through Gabrielle’s questionable fashion choices, Xena loved her all the same. JN


Clarke Griffin & Lexa (The 100)

They may act all tough, but Clarke and Lexa can’t be alone together without crying a little and talking about their feelings. When they’re not devising war strategies and sacrificing expendable lives for the good of their people, they can usually be found softly nuzzling one another and staring into each other’s eyes. Ultimately, their people are more important to them than finding love in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and, as a result, their constant betrayals keep us at the frustrating edge of our seat. PJP


Zoe & Hoban Washburne (Firefly)

We have never been more pleased that Joss Whedon told those trying to change his ideas to shove it than we were by making Zoe and Wash married. They were perfection. Wash was always good and ready to hold Zoe’s flower whilst she kicked some ass and shot some folk, and Zoe always let Wash play with his dinosaurs. They were the perfect dynamic. If we have to accept that the end of Serenity happened (we don’t) then we are happy with the direction they took in the comics. The Washburne legacy will live on! JN


Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham (Hannibal)

Will and Hannibal easily had one of the weirdest, most dysfunction, most messed up relationships on TV. Like, ever. Even without the cannibalism antics, there was still all the manipulation and the hallucinogens and the secret murder parties. Will tried to get away from it all more than once; he even went and got married while Hannibal was locked up in the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. But a lot can be said for the fact that Will followed Hannibal all the way to Europe, and he didn’t even blink when Hannibal wanted them to jump off a cliff together and reach their eternal paradise. PJP

Programme Name: Merlin - TX: 08/12/2012 - Episode: n/a (No. 10) - Embargoed for publication until: 01/12/2012 - Picture Shows: Gwen (ANGEL COULBY), King Arthur Pendragon (Bradley James)( - (C) Shine - Photographer: Nick Briggs

King Arthur & Queen Guinevere Pendragon (Merlin)

While they may not have been the fan favourite, they were canon. Their love story is, quite literally, the stuff of legend and we weren’t disappointed. Having made Guinevere “Gwen” and a handmaiden their love was pretty doomed but in some solid standing up to his father, Arthur made good on his promise that she would be his Queen. It’s about the only reason we were happy to see the end of Uther. They had an incredibly rocky journey over five series, which only made it all the more special when they finally got to be together. Only for it to end in tears. Fuck you, Mordred. We like to think she went on to rule Camelot, with magic made legal again until the age of 97 with Sir Leon by her side. JN


Charlie Pace & Claire Littleton (Lost)

Even with the Others, the Black Smoke, the jumps in both time and space, and that whole deal with the Hatch, Charlie and Claire sharing a jar of imaginary peanut butter will forever be one of the greatest things to happen on Lost. Their relationship was like crack to us. She helped him with his heroin addiction and he helped her raise her baby. Not even Claire’s state of mind in Season 6 and Charlie’s, um, death in Season 3 were enough to stop them passing on to the Afterlife together. PJP


Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak* (Arrow)

After three long years of waiting, Olicity drove off into the sunset at the end of Season 3, only to get drawn back into the madness of Star City. Honestly we never thought they would get there, what with Oliver bumping uglies with any female that moved and Felicity having a (rather adorable, actually) relationship with genius Ray Palmer and being perfectly perfect with and for Barry Allen. But the chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards is just too much to handle. We know she’s going to be fine. She just is. It’s too soon for Oliver to be losing another woman he loves… JN

*based on episodes aired in the UK


Jessica Jones & Luke Cage (Jessica Jones)

Jessica and Luke are easily the coolest and most complicated couple in the MCU. They just fit. Jessica is an unstoppable force and Luke is an immoveable object, but instead of their simultaneous existence becoming an impossibility they just make each other more powerful. They’re also hot as hell. There is that whole thing with Jessica kind of sort of maybe being responsible for Luke’s late wife’s death and Jessica being unable to trust since her ordeal with Kilgrave, but we’re willing to overlook those little details for love. PJP