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Westworld Season 1 Episode 6 ‘The Adversary’ review

Maeve has an awakening in episode 6 of Westworld

‘Life Without Limits’. It’s the whole selling point of Westworld from a commercial standpoint, but for Maeve, it serves as a grim epitaph to the realisation that her entire life has been a lie.

All things considering though, it’s a revelation that she takes in her stride, promptly blackmailing hapless lab technicians Felix and Sylvester into doing her bidding. As ever, things build up at a snail’s pace before taking a decidedly shocking turn. It looks like we’re closer to catching up with the events of the movie than ever before.

Out of all the characters, Maeve is the one who deserves most to lead this insurrection, if it comes about – having been shuffled from a previously comfortable existence to her current less than idyllic one.

Of course, someone is pulling her strings, and we don’t yet get to find out who it is, although we sense that an earth-shattering revelation is at hand.

Considering the real worry that speculators may have guessed one of the biggest plot twists of the show, we hope this one turns out to be less easy to predict.

The big question for us is how it ties in with everything else. The Man in Black is still on his elaborate vision quest with Teddy in tow, who displays a few interesting new facets to his personality. The two storylines may be linked, but who knows – maybe TMIB’s journey is just one huge red herring.

However, despite the more intriguing plot developments (anything that concerns Dr Robert Ford has to rank as a cause for worry), there are some things that don’t quite work. Simon Quarterman’s booze-induced tantrum seems obtrusively slapstick, although it does give us an introduction to Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale, who by the look of things we could be seeing a lot more of.

So it seems like things are finally starting to converge – come the next episode we’re expecting fireworks. To be continued…