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The Flash: Season 3 Episode 3 ‘Magenta’ review

What on Earth-1 has Barry done this time in the latest episode of The Flash?

After setting up the concept that everybody with powers in the other timeline is going to get them, The Flash gets back to basics with its ‘monster of the week’ in the shape of a teenage girl, fostered by an abusive father and a mother who doesn’t seem to do anything about it. ‘Magenta’ (original, it’s not based on her powers but her hair colour of choice…) has the ability to control metal (think a younger less traumatised version of Magneto and her name gets even more original…) and the coolest thing she does is attack her foster father with a lamppost. He deserves it, so quite why Iris (Candice Patton) risks her life to make sure she gets him out of hospital/harm’s way we not entirely sure we understand.

Following the last episode was always going to be a struggle, ‘Paradox’ was everything we would want from an episode of The Flash, but it was missing one vital element. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) so when he returns with his daughter Jesse (Violette Beane) in tow, we gave a little fist bump. As it seems, when you’re on an alternate Earth (Two in this case) and the timeline changes, you remember the timeline you were once in when you come back. And with that, Jesse, after her run in with the particle accelerator in the last season has now developed speedster powers (we’ll reiterate again how tired we are of people being fast, being faster than Barry, being nearly as fast as Barry, wanting to be as fast as Barry…).

Jesse having powers sees Earth-2 Wells in full-on Dad mode (forget calling him Harry or Earth-2 Wells, we’re dubbing him Dad!Wells) worrying about his daughter and knowing that she is going to want to play the hero alongside Barry (Grant Gustin). As much as he tries to fight it, Jesse is going to do it anyway, and he quickly learns helping her is better than resisting like a good parents should. Snaps for Dad!Wells!

Elsewhere and Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), knowing he had powers in the other timeline, decides he can try and kick start his powers after Jesse tells him of how her powers came to the surface after she was nearly hit by a car. So he promptly tries to throw himself in front of one. Clever, Wally. Well done. Luckily, the newest meta is on hand to pull him out of the way. We miss the Wally of the first episode. Wise-cracking, and with perfect comic timing. Hopefully they’ll activate his powers soon, or he’ll go off to find Alchemy and get his powers that way rather than wait.

Another highlight, continued from last week, is the addition of Tom Felton’s Julian Albert. His flippant attitude, and completely awful way of dealing with basically anything leaves us wanting more of him. A spin-off where him and Wells rag on Barry all the time would make the best sitcom.

While the opening two episodes were stronger, the direction in which this season is moving is definitely promising, especially when it comes to the likes of the team and their upcoming developments.