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Tamaruq by EJ Swift book review

Our verdict on the final part in EJ Swift’s Osiris trilogy

Thank goodness for conclusions. If ever a trilogy needed a strong finish it’s The Osiris Project. Anyone who has had the strength to struggle through the first two books in the series will jump for joy at the sheer beauty of this finale, and not just because the end is nigh; Tamaruq really is a revelation.

When we last saw Adelaide Rechnov in book one, she was abandoning her privileged life in favour of rebellion. Tamaruq picks up her story soon after her escape to the west, targeted by the revolution. As a valuable asset, she finds herself privy to the shocking secret of Osiris, the lost city. But this is not just Adelaide’s story; there are other characters to follow up and new ones to meet.

EJ Swift chooses to introduce multiple view points as the narrative switches perspectives and mode. Anonymous diary entries and video messages serve to keep the story grounded within its own world, as well as intensify the mystery.

The redfleur epidemic of book two continues its horrific journey. Vikram’s survival of the killer disease is of major interest to various factions, and he is soon a wanted man. The romantics among us may ponder the fate of Vikram and Adelaide, but to reveal anything of the star-crossed lovers would be a disservice to both reader and writer, so lips remained firmly sealed on this matter.

Tamaruq is not a book to be attempted solo – the journey would be fraught with peril – but
if you can survive the first couple of necessary miles, you will be rewarded when you reach your destination.