Will Heroes avoid the chop?

We weigh up whether or not Heroes deserves to be cancelled.

Despite being at the end of its fourth season – and enjoying its lowest viewing figures to date – Heroes is still yet to be renewed by NBC. In light of recent comments made by star Masi Oka, in which he declared the show “does deserve a proper ending,” we argue the case for and against keeping the series on air.



Season four brought us the enigmatic baddie Samuel. Played nicely by Robert Knepper, Samuel and his mystical circus have been a constant highlight in recent episodes. Wangle this character into season four’s finale and maybe the studio will take more notice.

Picture 1Finality

If the show is to be canned in the near future, why doesn’t NBC just give Tim Kring and co a chance to wrap up events? We’re not saying a full season order, mind, just a reduced fifth season. That way fans will be treated to a condensed and more focused block of episodes, something that has been sorely lacking in previous seasons.

Picture 3Superheroes

If Heroes departs from our screens the only superhero show left for us is Smallville. Not an exciting prospect at all.


Picture 4It’s a mess.

Quite simply the show has become a convoluted mess. Whereas the first season played out like a televised comic, the following seasons have become self-important and have constantly barraged us with new – duller – characters.

Picture 5

Desperate measures

Yes she kissed a girl (and we’re pretty sure she liked it), but Claire’s short-lived lesbian was clearly a desperate ploy to garner more ratings. A show of Heroes’ quality does not need to lower itself to this type of Hollyoaks tactic – or does it?

sylarSylar sucks

Where Zachary Quinto’s conniving killer was a big draw in earlier seasons, he’s now been reduced to a former shadow of himself. This, in turn, serves a neat metaphor for the way in which the show has transgressed. Fancy that.