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Why a 3D Gremlins movie is the wrong way to go

We snarl and snap at the prospect of a CG-heavy Gremlins movie.

Picture 1Although reports are still vague, the web rumour mill is certainly gathering speed regarding a third Gremlins move. Whether this proposed feature will be a sequel or remake still remains unknown, but what we do know – or are having drummed into our heads online – is that a third Gremlins feature will be in 3D. This means the film will, no doubt, be a CG extravaganza of some kind.

Don’t let this be the case.

Gremlins is a fun-filled picture that I personally rank as one of the best Christmas movies ever to grace screens. It has thrills, the occasional chill and a moral message that still permeates. One of the things that still captivates me about Joe Dante’s effort is the superb creature effects. These rubber puppets – complete with gigantic bat ears – perfectly embody the cute/frightening balance of the movie. They even look pretty good today, when inspected on a high-def Blu-ray. So why anyone would choose to take the CG route with these hellish creations is beyond me. These are creatures that are made all the more watchable by their individual personalities. Be it Gizmo’s all-round cuteness, to the spike-haired Gremlin leader, each have a unique trait that makes them come to life. So I can only speculate as to what kind of overblown Gremlins movie we will be seeing in the near future, should the franchise be reliant on computer generated effects.

Where The Wild Things Are staked a claim for puppetry still being a relevant form of characterisation in contemporary cinema. Even those that had issues with the story couldn’t escape the fact that this was a film that showcased the very best mix of puppet work and CG trickery. In this respect, my ideal Gremlins sequel is one that takes this approach. While I’m not dispelling 3D as a filmmaking technique, I just feel that Gremlins is one of those rare properties in the genre that requires a more personal touch.