The X-Files won’t be back until at least 2018

Fox still wants more X-Files, but we’re going to have to wait

The X-Files revival series may have been a bit of a mixed bag (That amazing Darin Morgan episode! That terrible finale!) but if the question is “Do you want more?” the answer is definitely “Yes.”

Fox agrees, as E! reported from the TCAs. As before though, sorting out the various agreements between the cast and creator Chris Carter seem to be what really takes the most time.

When asked if there would be another run of The X-Files, Fox president of entertainment David Madden said “We hope so. A lot of conversations going on, these conversations are complex  but we hope to be able to announce something about that shortly.”

“I think the ideal is to get it ready for ’18. Whether or not it would be January…”

There was also a question about the length of the run. The stars have previously said that they wouldn’t be up for a full run of 22 episodes, but Madden said that they were hoping for more than they got with the revival run.

“It won’t be 22, but we are hoping for more than six. That’s our goal.”

Those of you who watched the finale will remember that it ended on a pretty massive cliffhanger, and we do want to see that resolved. However, if and when it does come back (and it does sound like when, rather than if), we would like fewer of those massive dips in quality. When the revival worked, it really worked, and it was great seeing David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back in those roles.

The stars’ schedules are presumably what’s holding things up to some extent. Anderson’s busy slate includes Bryan Fuller and Michael Green’s American Gods on Starz, there may be another series of The Fall at some point (although nothing’s been confirmed), and she’s got Agatha Christie adaptation Crooked House, Australian thriller Andorra and spy thriller Official Secrets coming up. Duchovny will reprise his role as Dennis/Denise in the Twin Peaks revival, and he seems to be incredibly busy off-screen at the moment. They’ve both been excited about returning to the characters, though, and you know what? We’re excited about it too.

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