The Wolverine’s James Mangold up for Flash movie

The Wolverine director James Mangold on Logan sequel, and Flash and Sandman movies

The Flash by Alex Ross
The Flash by Alex Ross

The Wolverine may be opening this week, but director James Mangold is already eyeing up future projects, talking to Yahoo! Movies, the man behind Walk The Line and 3:10 To Yuma revealed that if he had the same level of freedom, he’d jump at the chance to do a follow-up to the fan-favourite X-Man’s solo adventure.

“If it presented me with the opportunity as this one did, then yes. What I mean is the location and the world in Japan really presented me with a unique set of freedoms,” said Mangold.

“Certainly any project with Hugh is enticing, but if someone came to me, or I came up with a strategy that stays as inventive and as exciting, I wouldn’t hesitate to do another one.”

Asked what – if any – comic-book movies he’d tackle next yielded a surprising answer.

“The Sandman,” said Mangold. “Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is a great property. Actually I’ve talked to Neil about it before. I think it’s one of the great really interesting modernist tales. Also, on the complete other side of the universe I’ve always been a fan of The Flash. Although the outfit would have to definitely change, with those little wings on his ears.”

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