BBC’s Atlantis starts with a mystery

Solve the riddle and unlock the secrets of BBC One’s Merlin replacement Atlantis

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Journalists and bloggers received a mysterious parcel yesterday containing a treasure chest with the key to Atlantis.

The intriguing package also contained a wax-sealed, personalised scroll and a riddle to solve at, with more brainteasers to follow.

What is it which in the morning goes upon four feet, in the afternoon goes upon two feet and in the evening goes upon three?

The incense-scented chest was sent out to promote BBC series Atlantis, a new 13-episode fantasy adventure series which is to replace the gap in the schedule left by Merlin.

The series was devised by creator of Misfits Howard Overman and sees Jason (perhaps of Argonauts fame) arrive at Atlantis, kicking off an ‘amazing adventure’ where Greek myths and legends are re-imagined.

The announced cast includes Mark Addy (Game Of Thrones), Juliet Stevenson (The Hour), Sarah Parish (Merlin, Doctor Who) and Jemima Rooper (Lost In Austen, Hex).

Filming on Atlantis began in April this year in Wales and Morocco, and will air on BBC One this Autumn.