The Walking Dead Season 5 casts Seth Gilliam

The Wire’s Seth Gilliam joins The Walking Dead Season 5 in a mystery role

Seth Gilliam as Ellis Carver in The Wire
Seth Gilliam as Ellis Carver in The Wire

The Walking Dead Season 5 has cast The Wire‘s Seth Gilliam in an unnamed role.

THR reports that Gilliam, best-known for playing Detective Carver in the landmark HBO series, has been cast, but that his character name and description is expected to be false, as the press release “used the dummy name of Michael – described the character as friendly with a puckish demeanor who also has a haunted side, though that is not expected to be accurate, either.”

They are speculating that Gilliam could be playing Gabriel Stokes, “a preacher who first crosses paths with Rick in the 61st issue of the comics – just before the rag-tag band of survivors encounters the Hunters (aka the cannibals). Not long afterward, Gabriel reveals the dark lengths to which he went in order to ensure his survival and becomes a member of Rick’s community (he’s also still alive in the comics).”

Gilliam is the latest veteran of The Wire to join The Walking Dead, following Larry Gilliard Jr and Chad Coleman.

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