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The Ring 3 gets a director as the US franchise continues

The American remake of The Ring is getting a second sequel and a new director

the_ringParamount has made a deal with F. Javier Gutiérrez to direct The Ring 3.

The Wrap reports that the director of the upcoming The Crow remake has signed on to direct the third film in The Ring franchise, which you would be forgiven for assuming had come to an end.

The first remake of The Ring was a huge success, and holds up as one of the best of that flurry of US takes on horrors from Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. The Ring 2, on the other hand, was a big disappointment, despite the involvement of original director Hideo Nakata (the only thing we remember liking was Sissy Spacek). That was back in 2005, and now a third film has been set up.

There’s no word on a story as of yet, or whether the cast will return (getting Naomi Watts back would presumably be a bit of a stretch), but Gutiérrez is a director in demand and his involvement suggests that Paramount are taking this thing seriously.

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