The Fades Series 2 and 3 will be a “big trilogy of stories”

The Fades Series 2 and 3 will be a “big trilogy of stories”, Season 1 is showing now on BBC America

The Fades series 2 and 3

The Fades series 2 and 3

Current airing on BBC America to much acclaim, Jack Thorn’s (This Is England 86 and This Is England 88) supernatural horror/drama The Fades is envisaged as a “big trilogy of stories,” according to executive producer Caroline Skinner, who has also taken on the job of overseer on that other BBC genre hit, Doctor Who.

Teasing a second season in a long and brilliant interview with io9, Skinner said, “All you can do is get bigger.”

And hopefully the show will get a chance to get bigger, as the show is sitting in renewal limbo. Hopefully its reception Stateside will add a bit of traction to bringing this SciFiNow favourite back to the screen.

“There’s been a hugely positive response to it in the press and among the fans over here,” explained Skinner. “And also the BBC were incredibly pleased with the way that it went down. We’re just waiting on decisions at the moment.”