The Crow reboot has “integrity” says Luke Evans

Luke Evans dismisses ‘The Crow curse’ and promises “different” reboot of the classic

The Crow reboot Luke Evans
Brandon Lee as Eric Draven in 1992’s The Crow

1994 gothic superhero movie The Crow has a special place in the hearts of many Nine Inch Nails fans geeks, but reboot star Luke Evans promises that although his take on resurrected spirit of vengeance Eric Draven, immortalised on film by the late Brandon Lee, will be different; it will honour the original comic.

“It is a very beautiful story, The Crow,”said Evans to the Metro. “It is a very tragic story with huge emotional themes. We plan to tell the story differently and with a lot of integrity to the original comic book.”

Evans added the the idea of a ‘Crow curse’ holds no fear for him.

“I’m not one of those superstitious people,” said the star. “It is incredibly sad that Brandon died making the movie. He was a very talented actor.

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