The best posters of 2009

SciFiNow’s pick of last year’s best promotional efforts.

As the International Movie Poster Awards has announced its pick of the best promotional art for 2009, we thought we’d give our own take on the best and worst contenders of last year.

Best Concept:



We love the retro look of this poster, with Sam Rockwell symbolising the isolation that his character feels in the centre of the concentric-ringed Moon.

Runners up:

1.indd concept-2 concept-5

Antichrist, Cold Souls, Star Trek

Most disturbing:



Well, just look at it.

Runners up:

disturbing-1 disturbing-2

Autopsy, The Haunting In Connecticut

The floating head award:


Star Trek

Could have been the Iron Man poster from 2008, from all we can see. A lazy, lazy effort, particularly given how good some of the other posters for this film were.

Runners up:

floating-1 floating-5 floating-2

Avatar, Race To Witch Mountain, Knowing

Most predictable:


Dorian Gray

So much could have been done with the design for the Dorian Gray posters, but the designers went for the easy route, signifying the duality of the character’s nature with cheap Photoshop filters.

Runners up:

predictable-1 predictable-3 predictable-4

Angels & Demons, Friday The 13th, Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian

Worst poster:


Dragonball Evolution

A horrible mess of a poster. We can sort of see what they were trying to do with it, but in the end, it’s just a travesty against design. Like some of the runners up below.

Runners up:

Worst-2 worst-6 worst-4

Angels & Demons, Orphan, Carriers

Best poster:



Simple, effective, and cool as all hell. It’s a shame the film couldn’t live up to the art.

Runners up:

best-4 best-5 best-6

Up, A Christmas Carol, The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus