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Why no Bubba Nosferatu?

A sequel to My Name Is Bruce spells further doom for a Bubba Ho-Tep sequel.

Picture 1Following My Name Is Bruce’s mauling at the hands of the critics, Bruce Campbell is proving himself to be a glutton for punishment by stepping up for another slice of supernatural self-indulgence. This time around he is gearing up to star in a sequel to the aforementioned stinker, titled Bruce Campbell Vs Frankenstein.

So no Bubba Nosferatu for us, then.

This is very frustrating news, as just by reading Campbell’s awesomely titled autobiography – If Chins Could Kill: Confessions Of A B Movie Actor – you get the feeling he is a star without pretensions, and is totally dedicated to his fans. So why he has departed a Bubba Ho-Tep sequel (the beginnings of a potential horror franchise) is beyond me. If he simply wanted to try something different, then that would be understandable. But the fact is he followed Bubba Ho-Tep up with My Name Is Bruce, and is now embarking on a sequel. This is his new franchise, it seems. I’m in no way implying that actors should star in films that the fans want them to feature in, but it is a little dubious on Campbell’s part that he has closed down talks on a Bubba Ho-Tep sequel in favour of something weaker.

Without Campbell as the King, director Don Coscarelli is going to have to dig deep in order to get this troubled sequel off the ground. But will a follow-up work without Campbell? Share your thoughts below.