Summit Entertainment starts work on a new vampire film

Could Vlad tend to the older Twilight fans out there?

Picture 1Summit Entertainment is developing a new vampire film called Vlad, according to The Hollywood Reporter. After making a bundle from the Twilight Saga, Summit is reportedly going full steam ahead with this feature, and will be producing it alongside Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment outfit. Music video director Anthony Mandler is in talks to direct this feature, and if appointed he will work from a screenplay written by actor Charlie Hunnam.

Although plot points on his feature are sketchy, it seems that this will be an action-orientated period picture, which centres on famed tyrant Vlad The Impaler. Vampire-based period pictures haven’t fared well on the screen of late, with both Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans and Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning lacking in a certain bite. So here’s hoping Vlad will buck this trend.

So, will Summit be able to work the kind of magic it did with the Twilight Saga and craft a period vampire franchise of equal (or more) success? Let us know your thoughts on the comments thread below.