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Spoiler: Heroes – S04E06

We have a full recap of last night’s US aired episode.

NUP_136420_0270Episode 06: Strange Attractors
US Air Date: 26 October 2009
Writer: Carlos Coto
Director: Tucker Gates

Matt transforms into Sylar and decides it is time to rid him from his body. In New Jersey Noah attempts to have Jeremy released from jail. During an intimate moment Claire and Gretchen are rushed into a sorority exercise. This involves solving some strange tasks. While trying to get Jeremy released, Tracy is confronted by Samuel. He tells her that Jeremy belongs at the carnival. Claire and Gretchen carry on the game but are being followed by Rebecca. At the carnival Sylar pesters Samuel to find his real self. Jeremy is released in the ensuing ruckus and outside the jail he kills a protester by accident. The police tie Jeremy to a truck with the intent to drag him to his death. During a heavy drinking session, Matt is finally able to get rid of Sylar, and at the same time Claire is able to fight Rebecca and just about save Gretchen. Noah and Tracy find Jeremy’s body in the road, and in an act of vengeance Samuel burns down the sheriff’s office.