Spoiler: Dollhouse – S02E04

Keep up to date with this latest recap from Dollhouse’s second season.

DH_belonging-art_0011Episode 04: Belonging
US Air Date:
23 October 2009
Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon
Jonathan Frakes

Topher is covered in blood rambling; time cuts back to one year and centres on Priya and her art dealings. Back in real time and Nolan tells Adelle he wants to keep Sierra for himself. Adelle is forced by Matthew Harding to grant this request. Topher is instructed to let Sierra go and imprint her. Meanwhile Boyd finds that Echo has been going to great lengths in order to keep her memories safe. In another flashback we see how Priya was yanked from existence and taken into the Dollhouse to become Sierra. Following this Sierra is sent to Nolan. At Nolan’s place Sierra admits she is Priya; Nolan tries to attack her and is subsequently stabbed to death. Topher arrives and helps dispose of the body. Back in the chair and ready to be wiped, Priya asks Topher to never bring these memories back again. He agrees and Sierra returns to her doll state.