Spoiler: V – S01E04

Check out this recap of the latest episode of V.

Picture 1Episode 04: It’s Only The Beginning
US Air Date: 24 November 2009
Writer: Cameron Litvack, Angela Russo-Otstot
Director: Yves Simoneau

Erica finds Georgie injured in a car park, and as she approaches him Ryan seemingly shoots her. Fourteen hours earlier and Anna is scouring the ranks to find a supposed traitor, this prompts David to consider leaving in case the resistance is compromised. At this time Anna announces to the press that the Visitors are introducing special healing centres to Earth. Erica, Jack, Ryan and Georgie go after a man named Peter Combs, and when they find him he frantically shoots Georgie – it then transpires that Ryan shot Peter, and not Erica. This leads Erica to the realisation that Ryan is a Visitor. Erica, Ryan and Jack then head to a shipping facility and discover the Visitors are experimenting on humans. Some workers attack them and Ryan is caught up in an explosion. Following this event a Visitor enters the church and stabs Jack; Erica discovers Tyler is aboard the mothership, and in an eerie final image we see a fleet of ships descending on Earth.