Spoiler: Supernatural – S05E14

Getting hungry in the latest episode.

SUPERNATURALEpisode 14: My Bloody Valentine
US Air Date: 11 February 2010
Writer: Ben Edlund
Director: Mike Rohl

Dean and Sam arrive in a small town to investigate bizarre and brutal killings. At first they believe it’s the work of a rogue Cupid, an angel specialising in romance, but it soon becomes clear that the Horseman Famine is to blame. Sam and Castiel begin to fall prey to famine’s powers, and after Dean goes to take on Famine due to his apparent immunity, Sam is attacked by two demons. He kills them and drinks their blood, while Famine and Dean face off. Famine notes that Dean has no hunger for anything, and that he is dead inside, then consumes the demons who were serving him when Sam arrives and exorcises them using his powers. Sam refuses to feed any more however, and rips Famine apart by affecting the demons in his gut. Afterward, Castiel and Dean lock Sam in Bobby’s panic room as he undergoes withdrawal once again. Dean goes outside and breaks down, pleading to Heaven for help.