TV review: Lost 6.3

Can this episode top the season opener?

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Director: Paul Edwards
Writer: Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz

Oh dear. Following a great opening double salvo of episodes, which pretty much convinced me Lost’s season six was going to the best yet, comes this middling third entry.

Cleverly titled ‘What Katie Does’ (a play on season two’s ‘What Katie Did’, fact fans) this episode had all the makings of being pretty great. It’s a Kate-centric encounter so in the 2004 timeline we get to see her flee LAX and go on the run, while back on the island, rooted in 2007, Kate has to try and track a madder than hell Sawyer. The main problem with this episode is actually the 2004 thread; Kate’s budding relationship with Claire just isn’t believable. In fact, it’s just plain laughable on occasions seeing the two go from bickering hostage and captive, to BFFs forever. And in a smaller gripe, why aren’t the police in active pursuit of Kate? Claire, we might add, is also the subject of this episode’s clunky final revelation. So thumbs down on her return to the series.

Looking on the brighter side, events at the temple are getting much more interesting now, and it seems that Sayid’s resurrection could shed light on the island’s darker mysteries. Sawyer is once again stealing the show, but it will be a totally wasted use of the character if he spends the remainder of the season in his lone gun state.

So a misstep for the final season but by no means a catastrophe. Fingers crossed episode four shows an increase in quality.