Spoiler: Supernatural – S05E12

Thank God it’s Freaky Friday.

sm_01_0000371Episode 12: Swap Meat
US Air Date: 28 January 2010
Writer: Julie Siege
Director: Robert Singer

After a bite to eat in a burger joint, Sam is kidnapped and wakes up in the woods, alone, and in the wrong body. Meanwhile, a teenager named Gary has inhabited Sam’s meat suit, and his initial glee at being able to buy alcohol, hit on girls, and be free from the yoke of his parents causes Dean suspicion. Sam goes through Gary’s life as he tries to find out what’s happened, eventually discovering a book of spells before Gary’s friends knock him out. Apparently, there’s a huge bounty out on Dean’s head, so they summon a demon to collect. It all goes wrong though, as the demon possesses one of the friends and kills the other. Eventually, Dean figures out what is going on, and when the demon is exorcised, the body swap is reversed with a very stern warning from the Winchesters that they will kill Gary if he meddles in magic again.