Spoiler: Supernatural – S05E11

Things are getting a little crazy.

si_01_0000407Episode 11: Sam, Interrupted
US Air Date: 21 January 2010
Writer: Andrew Dabb, Daniel Loflin
Director: James L Conway

The boys head to Ketchum, Oklahoma at the request of an ex-hunter who has checked himself in to a psychiatric hospital. They manage to get themselves committed and find out that the residents are terrified of a monster that is apparently stalking them at night, making its kills look like suicides. The trio work out they’re dealing with a Wraith, but after a case of mistaken identity, Sam is put into isolation. The brothers themselves realise that they are slowly going insane, with Dean talking to a nurse who isn’t there and Sam beginning to violently hallucinate. Eventually, it’s revealed that a nurse is the wraith, and she is about to kill Sam when Dean takes her out. The boys have a heart to heart by the Impala as the credits roll.