Spoiler: Lost – S06E04

We have a full recap on this latest episode of Lost – prepare yourselves for a big reveal.

Picture 4Episode 04: The Substitute
US Air Date: 16 February 2010
Writer: Elizabeth Sarnofff, Melinda Hsu Taylor
Director: Tucker Gates

In the LA universe, Locke is berated and fired by his boss for not attending the conference in Sydney. He meets Hurley outside, who actually owns the company and offers to get him his job back, but ends up sending Locke to a temp company he owns instead. Meanwhile, on the Island, the Smoke Monster (in the form of Locke) attempts to recruit Alpert and Sawyer. He’s unsuccessful with the latter, but Sawyer agrees to hear him out. Meanwhile, Ben takes Locke’s body for a funeral on the island and reveals what’s happening with the Smoke Monster, who is now trapped in Locke’s form. The Monster takes Sawyer to a cave, where he reveals the purpose in bringing all of the survivors to the Island – they are selecting a new protector for it. He gives Sawyer three options – to be the protector, to stand aside and let it play out, or to leave the Island with him. Sawyer chooses the last option, as Ben apologises to the group for killing Locke.